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We’re Butcher Certified.

At Stampede we are dedicated to the safety, knowledge, skill, and ability of all of our employees. We also want to ensure that they are able to produce the best quality products for our customers, which is why we created the Butcher’s Certification Program. Our one-of-a-kind coursework develops a rich understanding of meat fundamentals, trimming and cutting techniques, and well as yield considerations. We partner with New Mexico State University (NMSU) to offer accreditation.

  • Classroom instruction by Kari Underly, a globally recognized Butcher expert and author of The Art of Beef Cutting

  • Hands-on training by NMSU Certified Butchers

  • Hand-crafted, higher-quality product

  • Consistency of cuts, customer satisfaction guaranteed

Any Questions?

Do you have a catalog of items?

Our success in building long-term partnerships lies in our ability to customize items according to our customers’ specific needs. We believe that catalogs limit us from providing tailored solutions. However, we have a highly successful line of product offerings that can be easily tweaked to align with your unique needs. Our strategy is to plug in and understand your strategy. 

Are there options for protein marinades or rubs that customers can choose between to enhance the flavors?

Absolutely! We partner with the best vendors to offer a wide variety of marinades, rubs, glazes, and other ingredients. If you are struggling with a flavor profile, our team of experts will help guide you and perfect a customized solution. 

How much experience does your culinary and R&D team have?

Led by Dennis Gruber, Ron Jolicoeur, and Roger Waysok, our experts have more than nine decades combined, of industry knowledge and experience. Everyday they move innovation forward that’s supported by extensive culinary research and food science. Our on-site test kitchens and dedicated technicians allow us the ability to turn around samples in days, not weeks. Our team is ready to support your next project.

How quickly can you deliver samples and ongoing revisions, if any?

We take pride in our commitment to deliver samples and revisions quickly. Our fully stocked kitchens and daily access to the production facilities enable us to turn around samples within days, not weeks. Our goal is to always communicate timelines and expectations upfront to ensure it’s a seamless and efficient experience.

Besides your culinary and R&D team, who will support my needs?

Customer projects and daily needs are fully supported by a dedicated sales representative and a skilled sales support team. With their commitment, we assure you that you’ll be informed and up-to-date at all times, ensuring excellent customer service and collaboration throughout the entire partnership.