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We’re Butcher Certified

At Stampede we are dedicated to the safety, knowledge, skill, and ability of all of our employees. We also want to ensure that they can produce the best quality products for our customers, which is why we created the Butcher’s Certification Program. Our one-of-a-kind coursework develops a rich understanding of meat fundamentals, trimming and cutting techniques, and well as yield considerations. We partner with New Mexico State University (NMSU) to offer accreditation.

Classroom to Hands-On Certification

Team members have rigorous in-classroom training on healthy herd practices, grading, species, flavor, etc. They also learn about the best way to break down primal into subprimal, trimming, and how to make the most out of retail cuts and trim.

They are then taken into the plant for extensive hands-on beef subprimal breakdown, trimming, and portioning. This is overseen by NMSU-trained and certified butchers to ensure they are using their new skills properly. Each trainee must receive a passing grade on all subprimal to become certified. 

  • Classroom instruction by Kari Underly, a globally recognized Butcher expert and author of The Art of Beef Cutting

  • Hands-on training by NMSU Certified Butchers

  • Hand-crafted, higher-quality product

  • Consistency of cuts, customer satisfaction guaranteed

Fostering Expertise & Ethical Practice

“The Butcher Certification Program is one of my passions at Stampede. Through this initiative, the trainers and I help our team members develop a comprehensive understanding of animal sourcing and treatment, all while they become experts in the primal and subprimal breakdown of the animal. Guaranteeing our team’s proficiency and expertise is crucial for both their individual growth and the overall success of Stampede Culinary Partners for our valued customers.”

Kelsey Eklin