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Choice Experience

Stampede adds real sizzle to your operation

Stampede Meat provides more than 500 unique, value-added beef, pork and poultry items to customers every week throughout North America.  You can count on consistent quality from Stampede Meat. We are experts in the production of customized and branded, center-of-the-plate, value-added proteins: beef, pork and poultry products.

A choice experience every time

Stampede Meat is more than just a beef manufacturer. We offer a wide array of meat and poultry products in a range of cuts, styles and grades. Choose from steaks, chops, roasts, fajitas, tips or patties. Stampede products can be delivered fully cooked like our FLAV-R-LOCK™ roasts or ready-to-cook. Select the grade that meets your marketing objectives: Black Angus, Choice, Select, No Roll or Commercial.

A cut above

Our people are craftsmen of the highest skill and ability. We certify each and every employee as a Master Butcher to ensure we provide the highest level of expertise in every portioned protein product we produce in our state of the art meat processing plants. Whether you need ready-to-cook, fully cooked FLAV-R-LOCK™, breaded, formed or portion-controlled items, Stampede is ready to meet your requirements.

Customized flavor sensations

Our culinary team can enhance the flavor profile and create customized, branded products for you, using unique marinades or exterior treatments like dry rubs or other coatings, bacon wrapping, glazes or sauces.

Good things come in Stampede packages

Stampede Meat provides a variety of packaging options:

  • Individual portion vacuum
  • Multiple portion vacuum
  • Tray — cavity or flat
  • Layer
  • Individually quick frozen
  • Unique retail packaging concepts


Visit our Resource page for information, charts and diagrams about cuts of beef, pork and chicken.