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Cultivating and advancing our values through an innovative perspective

Our unique set of core values set us apart from other food manufacturers. We hold ourselves and team members accountable to the same high standards and level of service that we provide to our customers.

Challenge Directly & Respectfully

You have a right and an obligation to question the status quo; state your opinion and stand up for it; doing what is right for the business, our customers, our associates, and our community versus pleasing others.

Commit to Teamwork

The climate of open communication, trust, and mutual respect; seeks first to understand assuming positive intent; sharing commitment toward common goals; capitalize on diverse views to make better decisions; actively help others be successful while holding each other accountable.

Embrace Innovation

Clear recognition that new ideas are our future; generate and build on new ideas continually; create a “SAFE” environment to fail; focus on learning rapidly as a team and implementing even faster.

Improve Daily

Current performance can always be improved; we seek out each other to drive improvement; we desire to learn and grow perpetually; great listeners and even better questioners; we strive for excellence in everything we do, but most notably in the PRODUCTS we produce.

Perform Passionately

Setting clear, measurable and attainable goals; having a strong desire to beat the competition; “can do attitude”; sense of urgency and bias to take action; measure results NOT activities winners keep score.

Encouraging Team Growth: Development from Within and Beyond

At Stampede, we prioritize and encourage growth from within. We believe in recognizing and nurturing talent within our team, providing ample opportunities for professional development and advancement. As you continue to excel and demonstrate your potential, you may find yourself stepping into new roles and taking on greater responsibilities within the company in just a few years’ time. We are committed to supporting your career journey within our dynamic and expanding organization. That’s what truly makes the Stampede Team one of a kind.