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Par-Fryed Proteins

  • Soy Ginger Garlic Beef Breakfast Bowl

Sizzling up flavor with every sear.

Our vast sous vide 360 Seared Program offers a unique full-surface searing process for whole muscle, portioned, shredded and pulled proteins. This method provides locked-in moisture retention and flavors through a cook-in-bag process. If your goal is to achieve a crispy or golden exterior before cooking, Stampede can help you achieve that. 

  • Irresistible Flavors & Textures: par fry technology enhances the eat experience each and every time

  • Versatile & Diverse: sear cooking isn’t just for meat proteins, we sear plant-based alternatives and vegetables

  • Healthier Alternative: when compared to deep frying, there’s a shorter cook time and less oil absorption with sear par fry cooking and consumers don’t compromise on taste

Any Questions?

What is par frying?

It is a value-added process that allows us to partially cook proteins and vegetables in high-temperature oil in order to set shape, color and textures.

Can you sear whole-muscle or post slicing?

Absolutely. Our facilities are designed to offer flexibility.

In regards to sustainability, what does Stampede do with used oil?

100% of Stampede’s spent cooking oil is being converted into energy or used in agricultural programs.

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