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Prepared Meals

  • Gnocci

Meals brought
to life

Let Stampede develop your next Osso Bucco, Curried Goat, Red Wine Braised Short Rib, Texas-Style Brisket or Arrabbiata-Style Chicken to be paired with a wide range of complimentary side dish offerings.

  • Custom preparable meals: our R&D team can develop a wide range of  ready-to-eat options that fit your customer needs

  • Tailored complimentary side options: we can develop sides that perfectly complement the main course

  • Various packaging options: we offer trays, sleeves, cartoners, preprinted film and more

Any Questions?

Do you provide cooking and/or preparation instructions?

Absolutely, our culinary team has extensive knowledge and experience in writing prepping and cooking instructions using a variety of cooking methods.

Can you provide information about portion sizes and serving recommendations?

Yes, our food safety technical services team can provide recommended portion sizes along with ingredient statements and nutritional fact panels.

Do you have the ability to assist with retail packaging photoshoots and graphics?

Of course! Our marketing team along with a dedicated sales rep can help launch any new retail packaging needs that will captivate your retail consumers.

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