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Smoked Meats

  • Brisket Burnt Ends

Smoked to Perfection

Enhance the taste and tenderness of proteins with our open-air smoke ovens. From briskets, burnt ends, sausages, hams, jowls and turkey legs, we have the ability to deliver rich smoky flavors with both natural smoke using aromatic wood chips and liquid smoke.  If the smoke aroma is not your desired taste, we can open-air smoke without wood chips.

  • Various Flavor Options: a variety of rich smoky flavors from apple wood to cherry smoke

  • Crispy Outer Layer: Open flame can create a desirable crispy outer layer known as “bark”

  • Tenderizing: the slow and gentle cooking process can break down collagen in tough muscle fibers

Any Questions?

Which facilities do you offer open air cooking and smoking at?

We offer open-air cooking and smoking at two of our production facilities – Sunland Park, NM and Alma, GA.

Can you further process an open air smoked product post-cook?

Yes, we have the ability to further process proteins post-cook by slicing, dicing, glazing, etc in our clean room.

Can you tell me more about the smoke flavors?

Our R&D team is always happy to offer suggestions based on the menu item, but in summary fruit wood chips like apple and cherry will provide a mild and sweet undertone while hickory and mesquite will create bold flavors.

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