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Sous Vide Proteins

  • Basil Pesto Chicken

Sous vide is the future & Stampede is leading the charge.

For sous vide offerings with locked in natural and marinated flavor profiles, turn to Stampede to provide maximum finished product yield and specialty menu items. If interested in unique raws, we also have experience with sous vide bison, goat and duckWe have the largest sous vide cook capacity in North America.  This process is 100% custom, rapidly scalable, and offers no risk preparation.  Our on-site culinary professionals can provide custom innovative solutions that will drive your menu expansion and provide quality items. 

  • Food Safety is Top Priority: eliminate the risk of foodborne illness by sourcing sous vide

  • Increased Focus on Menu Expansion: sous vide is the key to unlocking value for your brand

  • Labor Optimization: incorporate less prep and minimal effort for food service operators

Any Questions?

What are the benefits of sous vide?

Sous vide delivers consistently evenly cooked, tender, and flavorful dishes.  Our R&D team can develop proprietary dishes that will captivate your consumers every bite, every time. Additionally sous vide items allow customers to increase shelf life and reduce waste.

Do you have the ability to further process sous vide items post-cook?

Yes, our Sunland Park, NM facility is equipped with a clean room where we can post-cook slice, dice, and apply additional ingredients such as glazes or spices.

Is sous vide safe?

Yes, you can rely on our proprietary and stringent process to provide safe, ready-to-eat products to your customers.  To find out more, visit our Food Safety page.

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