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Pictured above are ten Stampede Team members volunteering at The Salvation Army pack off event.

As 2018 comes to an end, Stampede Meat’s community outreach committee, Stampede Cares, finishes their calendar of a events on a strong note.  Commitment to Teamwork is instilled across the organization as one of the core company values, and at The Salvation Army’s pack off event Stampede volunteers exemplified this beyond words.

“We are very grateful to Stampede Meat for their support of the Christmas food box dinner project,” said Major David Dalberg, Director of Emergency Disaster Services for The Salvation Army. “Not only did the company donate chickens and other items for the food boxes, the employees came to pack the boxes. With just a few hours of work, they ensure families throughout Chicago will have joy and hope at Christmas time.” A four-hour window was given for the event, and Stampede volunteers packed off over 500 boxes within just three hours.  This successfully met The Salvation Army’s quota allotted per group.  As part of their partnership with The Salvation Army, Stampede Cares also hosted a canned food drive and donated 2,000 chickens for families this holiday season.

Stampede Cares member Alicia Talavera showing her first self-assembled box of the day.

Stampede Cares member Alicia Talavera shared, “It was a win-win for both Stampede Meat and The Salvation Army.  For us it was a rewarding team building event, while contributing to an overall great cause. Time flew by and everyone had an infectious energy to keep going! It’s definitely something I see Stampede team members volunteering as a group again next year.”


This past year Stampede Cares also hosted company events such as their Annual Stampede Picnic which benefited Pillars Community Health and the First Annual Stampede Cares Olympics Games to benefit No Kid Hungry.