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Stampede Meat Rebrands as Stampede Culinary Partners, Inc.

Roger Waysok, Corporate Chef at Stampede

Source: Food Engineering

Stampede Meat, Inc. has rebranded as Stampede Culinary Partners, Inc. to reflect its mission to provide culinary solutions through partnerships. 

The name change aims to reflect the company’s mission and capabilities, leading to tailored customer experiences. The company’s new website supports the name change by emphasizing Stampede’s growth and highlighting Stampede’s culinary leadership, strategic approach to partnerships, sous vide expansion and other approaches to manufacturing and distributing products.

Though the early years of the company were centered on delivering high quality cuts of meat, Stampede, having just turned 29, has grown beyond its original vision. Today, Stampede manufactures ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook poultry, pork and beef products. Stampede’s processing capabilities go beyond slicing and dicing to sous vide cooking, natural smoking, 360-degree searing and include products such as prepared meals, gourmet sous vide pet food, alternative proteins and vegan options for restaurants, top retailers, club stores, food service distributors, airlines, convenience stores, military channels, home delivery customers and other emerging segments.