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Stampede Trending Flavors: Coffee Meets Rub RUB & it’s a Perfect Pair

Coffee is an integral part of most people’s daily routine; Americans drink 400 million cups per day in some form or another.  Numerous coffee drinks have become more common and go beyond just adding cream or sugar.  Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, cold brew, this is just scratching the surface and not even touching on different roasts, beans, and other variables that produce a different cup of coffee.  What you can do with coffee in a cup seems endless, but what about beyond the cup?With so much love for this flavor and the jump-start it brings to the body, why not do more?  Similar to its use in a cup, the cooking applications for coffee can be endless.  Desserts with coffee can fill a book! Tiramisu may be the best known but adding coffee to chocolate cake can really add such depth to the chocolate flavor. Coffee ice cream stands alone as a delicious dessert. Coffee can transform an old favorite dish and make it exciting and new, like an espresso bread pudding.

Moving over to the savory side of food, coffee can still work its magic.  A Southern staple, Red-Eye Gravy uses coffee to create a sauce from the drippings of country ham. Coffee in the marinade of beef jerky can add an extra punch of flavor and caffeine to this meaty snack. Even in Mexican inspired Mole, coffee can create a warm intensity enhancing the original flavors while adding a little something more.

What about BBQ?  It is summer after all. Yes, coffee and BBQ are a perfect pair!  If you are making your own BBQ sauce or even if you want to doctor up your favorite store bought one, a strong batch of brewed coffee is a great addition to really give the sauce extra  flavor and complexity.

At Stampede, open air smoking meats have really become a core competency and coffee can have its place in smoking too. “No, not smoking with coffee beans because that would be too bitter, but you can include coffee in the first step of most delicious smoked meats – the rub. Coffee grounds as a meat rub, creates such an amazing flavor, both in the smoker and on the grill,” shared Corporate Chef, Roger Waysok. “A dry rub with coffee can change a standard grilled steak into something more exciting, and it can also give you a great starting flavor for pairing with that amazing hardwood smoke.”

Another great part about the coffee rub is it can give use to your old coffee grounds.  After brewing, you can spread out the grounds and dry them out instead of throwing them away.  Once dry, they are a perfect start for the meat rub or any recipe that you would use ground coffee.

If you garden, consider using coffee grounds there as well.  Not all plants, but plants that like acidic soil thrive when coffee grounds are added around them.  There are many uses for the grounds before you toss them; odor eliminator, soap, insect deterrent, the list goes on.

With so many uses for this one item it should not be a surprise that so much is consumed every day. So, Stampede challenges you to go beyond that first (or second) cup, as coffee has a place throughout the day.