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2022 Stampede Challenge gear.

This season the 3rd Annual Stampede Cares ‘Stampede’ Challenge began in an effort to raise money for The Grocery Foundation – a Canadian charitable organization. The challenge goal was to run, walk, 31 miles in 31 days, and for the avid cyclists at Stampede, 3 biking miles equated to 1 walk/run mile. Stampede also donated $1 for every additional mile that exceeded the goal and matched the participant’s donations!  The effort of the team and their dedication to surpassing the goal led to nearly a $5,000 donation to the foundation.

“Choosing the Grocery Foundation for this year’s fundraiser was an easy choice. Their mission aligns with Stampede Cares mission and values, and it was gratifying to donate to a local non-profit from my neck of the woods and closely connected to our Stampede North facility,” shared Brock Furlong, Stampede President and CEO. The Grocery Foundation is a Canadian charitable organization that focuses on supporting children’s health and nutrition. Its primary mission is to raise funds and awareness to help provide nutritious food to children in need. The foundation primarily operates in Ontario, Canada, fundraising and providing grants for schools.

A first-time participant, Accounting Controller Jonea O. Davis, ranked in the top ten overall for most miles logged. “I had recently just started with the company and thought joining the challenge would be a great way to get involved and engage with my coworkers”, shared Davis on her experience. “It felt good that I placed in the top ten, but it felt even raising money for this charity. I enjoy spending my time volunteering and doing community service whenever I can.”

The Stampede teams takes great pride in contributing to an organization dedicated to providing resources and assistance to Ontario’s local community and bringing employees together, especially now across their network in North American. If your company is considering ways to get employees engaged while working toward a common goal, a friendly and healthy competition such as this might be the answer!