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Battered & Breaded Proteins

  • Breaded & Seared Chicken Breast

Crispy & crunchy made right.

Whether you’re looking for crispy chicken, tenders, country fried steak, fritters or even a breaded vegetable, come to us for your next battered and breaded product solution. We can deliver a ready-to-cook item or ready-to-eat with our vast cooking capabilities. Leave the batter & bread coating systems to us!  The options are endless.

  • Crunchy Flavor: our batter & bread coating systems are sourced using high-quality ingredients

  • Consistency in Quality: our food processing technology allows us to evenly coat items to ensure full maximum coverage 

  • Consumers Turn to Comfort: breaded proteins are here to stay as consumers still crave nostalgic items with a modern twist

Any Questions?

Does Stampede have the ability to develop a coating system that fits within my menu?

Yes, we work with many ingredient suppliers directly. We can help source and sample a wide variety of options or assist even further in developing a unique flavor profile.

What type of batter do you work with?

The most common is wheat flour, but gluten free is becoming more common. Therefore, we have seen an increase in corn, potato, rice and soy flour coating system requests based on consumer demands.

Do you have the ability to par fry batter and breaded items?

Yes, we have the ability to apply a coating system to proteins and vegetables prior to par frying.

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