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  • Seared Vegetables

Discover the diversity of vegetables.

Let Stampede help your product development team by offering on-trend, sous vide, par fried and smoked vegetables for a point of menu differentiation.

  • Sous vide to perfection: include additional herbs and spices to enhance flavor and lock in moisture

  • Par frying for crunch: add bite, richer taste and texture without becoming overly greasy 

  • Smoked to infuse:  add a smoky and earthy taste to introduce new dimensions to a dish

Any Questions?

Why should I consider adding more vegetable options?

Consumers are looking for plant-based options more than ever due to health and environmental concerns.  Offering more vegetable options will appeal to vegetarians, vegans and those looking for healthier options.

Can you assist with product development?

As your culinary partners, that’s what we are here for! Our R&D team can develop a wide range of vegetable options that fit your customer needs and the latest trends.

How do you ensure there is no cross-contamination with meat & poultry products?

By segregation during production. Visit our Food Safety page to learn about our rigorous processes and procedures and why Stampede is #1 in the food industry for Food Safety.

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