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Stampede within the Community

Stampede’s philanthropic entity, Stampede Cares, works as a committee with members from all plant locations to ensure we are able to make a difference in our local communities. 

Mission Statement:

At Stampede, we not only focus on our customer strategy, but also on contributing to the communities in which our team members live and work. Like our own company values to challenge, commit, embrace, improve and perform, we feel it is our responsibility to help end hunger and domestic violence in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to provide nourishment, support and trust in order to inspire families to grow and strive for success. Through volunteer work, donations and dedication to our community, we aim to give every person a chance for success and good health. 

“One of my favorite quotes is “Try to leave this world a little better than you found it,” by Robert Baden-Powell. The contributions I am able to offer to my community through Stampede Cares bring me a sense of purpose and align with my personal values. Additionally, they serve as a source to inspire others to do the same. The more that others are inspired, the bigger difference we can make in this world.”

Jennifer Lopez

Stampede Cares In Action

Stampede Cares participates in multiple team-building and fundraising events throughout the year in order to strengthen our surrounding communities.

Stampede Cares About…

Making Memories

The Stampede team isn’t all work and no play. We like a little healthy competition especially when we are raising monetary donations for some amazing causes! The Stampede Olympic Games were created as a way to test our knowledge and ability about our business as well as some amusing silliness. The Stampede Stampede Challenge is a running and biking event where everyone competes for the most miles logged. This is a stiff competition each year to log a minimum of 30 miles! The donations we collect from each event are graciously matched by the company and given to a designated charity. Over the years these amounts have grown substantially as Stampede has expanded across North America. Our team has created lasting memories together over the years of these team-building activities! These are just some of the wonderful events that our team participates in each year. For more information on our recent activities check out our “What’s New” page.