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Stampede Announces its Partnership with DL Lee & Sons

Source: Food Industry Executive

Stampede announces its new partnership with DL Lee & Sons, Inc. This  collaboration will allow for Stampede to expand its geographic production footprint into the southeast.  The company’s expansion outside of midwestern U.S., first began back in 2018 when they announced  their grand opening of their southwest Sunland Park, New Mexico facility. During 2021, Stampede also  expanded its footprint by opening Stampede North, a facility in Cambridge, Ontario Canada. 

The newest facility in Stampede’s portfolio resides in Bacon County, GA and was rebuilt in 1992 after  a fire at the previous building. The plant boasts 155,000 sq ft., housing smoke and sous vide ovens that  can support over 80 million pounds of capacity annually. This partnership has brought Stampede to  have the largest Sous Vide cook capacity in North America. “It’s very rewarding to see just how far we  have come in four short years since we decided to expand outside of Illinois. As we continue to see  demand accelerate for Sous Vide cooked products at both Retail and Food Service customers this  partnership positions Stampede to immediately address these opportunities for our valued  customers.” Stampede COO Vito Giustino said. Canada.