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Raw Proteins

  • Beef, Pork & Italian Sausage Meatballs

From Butchers to Artisans

We are butchers by trade so portioning steaks, roasts, ribs, formed and prepared cuts is not just a skill, but a passion that reflects exceptional quality. Our chicken, turkey and pork further processing capabilities allow us to offer boneless and skinless to formed patties and fritters, loin steaks, tenderloin, filets, ham, or bacon wrapped specialties. Turn to the leaders in the protein space.

  • Custom Marinade Profiles: we customize marinade systems for a wide variety of customers and offer basic neutral marinades as well

  • Ground Proteins with Custom Fat & Lean Content: customers can choose proteins at different fat percentages based on flavor, price point and dietary preferences

  • Variety of Cuts: we can offer a variety of different cuts at different price points for consumers

Any Questions?

What quality standards are maintained in sourcing?

Our suppliers go through a rigorous onboarding process that includes submitting their HACCP programs, third-party audit records and product specifications.

Do you have the ability to use additives or preservatives in proteins?

Yes, our culinary team can provide excellent insight on added ingredients like preservatives and stabilizers.

Are your processing facilities certified or audited for safety and quality?

Our processing facilities are both audited and certified. Please visit our food safety page to learn more.

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