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Shredded Proteins

  • Birria Red Chili Breakfast Lasagna

Unlock the power of shredding.

If you are looking for a tasty beef barbacoa, pulled chicken or pork carnitas, look no further. Shredded proteins are versatile and can be used across your restaurant menu or prepared effortlessly in a consumer’s kitchen. Whether you are looking for finely shredded or a chunky pulled protein look, you found the leaders in this category.

  • Diverse Protein Sources: besides meat protein, plant-based options like jackfruit can provide options for a wide range of dietary preferences

  • Time Efficiency: turning to us to shred proteins saves time for consumers and kitchen operators 

  •  Completely Customized: shredded proteins can suit various flavor profiles from savory and spicy to smoky and sweet 

Any Questions?

Do you have recommendations on shred piece size and length?

Yes, our culinary experts can help develop what’s right for the menu dish you’re envisioning.

How is the shredded protein prepared?

Our shredded proteins are seared first for exterior color and bark and then sous vide cooked or smoked to add flavor.

What is the smallest pack size and largest pack size offering for your shredded proteins?

The smallest pack size we offer is an 8 oz. vacuum package and the largest is 8 lb. vacuum package.

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