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Stampede Attends the National Restaurant Association Show and Events in Style

Stampede COO, Vito Giustino and President & CEO, Brock Furlong pose with the Sales and R&D team at the Hard Rock Café After Hours event.

Last weekend, the Stampede team ventured into downtown Chicago for the annual National Restaurant Association (NRA).  Every year Stampede attends the NRA show – one of the largest and most significant events in the foodservice industry. This trade show serves as a platform for restaurant owners, chefs, suppliers, and industry professionals to exhibit their latest products, services, and technologies. Attendees have a unique opportunity to network, stay informed about industry trends, and explore new products and innovation that can enhance their businesses.

The days leading up to and surrounding the NRA show provide the Stampede team with an oppurtunity to build relationships with new and existing customers.  Given Stampede’s Bridgeview facility proximity to the show, many new customers are invited to take a plant tour, allowing the industry leader to showcase its impressive production operations.

Stampede collaborates with other industry leaders to co-sponsor two weekend events. On Friday night at the first event, Hard Rock Café After Hours, they were seen sporting matching black and white Stampede-logoed bomber jackets. It was a night filled with live music, networking, and laughter.

The team had an early start on Saturday filled with breakfast meetings with their valued customers just before they headed over to the McCormick Place to walk the show. Once the morning wrapped up, the Stampede team made their way to Navy Pier in coordinating red blazers for the NRA Offshore Happy Hour event, another event that Stampede co-hosts annually.

The happy hour event has evolved significantly since it was first started in 2008 by Stampede Sr. VP of Sales, Ray McKiernan. “The weekend is full of fun, but it’s really about building customer relationships and expressing our heartfelt appreciation for their continued support. It’s always a rewarding experience to reconnect with our valued customers that we don’t often have the opportunity to see and create lasting memories together. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our values and what we do,” shared Ray.

The weekend unfolded with lively conversations, celebrations, and an enormous amount of food. For details on how to attend next year’s co-sponsored events as a potential new customer of Stampede, reach out to one of our sales representatives.  We hope to see you there!