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Our Journey to Stampede Culinary Partners

Our Journey to Stampede Culinary Partners

Watch and read below to learn more about our journey to Stampede Culinary Partners.

At Stampede Culinary Partners, we have a rich history of butchery that goes back decades, generation over generation. Meat continues to be our trade, and butchery is a fundamental part of our core skill set and workmanship.

Our team of certified butchers have a mastery over the disassembly process, creating efficiency in expertly prepared meat products from form to portion size to bulk, and available in a wide variety of pack sizes. Simultaneously, our chefs are an integral part of our strategy to create solutions and custom products for our customers. They are deeply ingrained in our partnerships, so we are ready and able to execute whenever a need arises for a limited-time item, a change in the marination system, or a healthier ingredient statement.

 Together, over the years, we have expanded to work on innovative culinary solutions and detailed specifications for projects that focus on more than meat –like braised brussel sprouts with bacon, sous vide soups, vegetable-based proteins, smoked meats, and more.

We have also grown in terms of product types, reach and geography, with our latest oven expansion projects in Georgia, New Mexico and Ontario, Canada leading us to building the largest capacity in commercial sous vide manufacturing in North America. When we discovered a wide gap in the available data and resources in commercial sous vide, our answer was to conduct a thorough research study on the State of Sous Vide. The goal is to ensure the industry effectively serves this rapidly expanding cooking methodology.

While we are actively leveraging new technologies to equip ourselves with culinary techniques to serve consistently prepared, great tasting foods, we remain diligent about standardization so we can offer the same level of robust food safety and high quality at every Stampede Culinary Partners location. Our commitment to food safety is at the forefront of everything we serve, and we have held the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard certification for over a decade and counting.

Ultimately, we view our role as contributing meaningfully to the meal experience for the end consumer, wherever our products are served. From butchering meats with quality cuts to preparing food solutions with new technologies, we will always be focused on high levels of execution. As our journey continues, we are building on our foundation of butchery with new culinary methods to meet the diverse food needs of tomorrow. 

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Benchmark Study Announcement: The State of Sous Vide

Benchmark Study Announcement: The State of Sous Vide

Stampede Culinary Partners is proud to announce the publication of the largest research project to date on the state of commercial sous vide. This groundbreaking new benchmark study, the first report of its kind, included a survey of over 1,000 individuals in the restaurant, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Survey participants were limited to purchasing decision-makers in their companies (one quarter of these were executives), and companies represented included multiple multi-billion dollar companies, Fortune 500 companies, and household name brands such as CAVA, Chipotle, Costco, Yum!, Target, 7-Eleven, Hyatt, Universal, Kraft Heinz, and others.

The State of Sous Vide research report can be accessed here:

Stampede Culinary Partners is North America’s leader in value-added, sous vide solutions, and this annual benchmark study further demonstrates Stampede’s dedication to innovative and delicious sous vide solutions. The data in this report indicates the many ways that companies are experiencing and benefitting from the importance of sous vide.

“You’re going to see sous vide products–especially meat and other proteins–explode as Restaurant and Retail operators continue to look for ways to simplify and optimize labor because it takes so much of the guesswork out of the equation,” said a Senior Food Scientist, R&D Lead from the study.

Sous vide is a proven $15 billion market, and it provides the perfect solution to many of the country’s biggest challenges today, especially labor shortage. The top reasons listed by survey participants for shifting more to sous vide products were to combat ongoing staffing shortages and labor costs; to improve overall food quality, consistency, and taste; and to increase operational efficiency and profitability. The commercial food service shift to increased choice of sous vide has certainly already begun: 70% of those who already purchased sous vide products have “significantly increased” their purchase volume since 2020.

From The State of Sous Vide Report by Stampede Culinary Partners

“Everyone is limited now on resources, especially labor. It forces us to plan ahead and to try to de-risk as much as possible,” said a Senior Food Safety Quality Assurance Manager in the interview portion of the study.

Interview participants were also asked about Stampede Culinary Partners. Of those who have worked with Stampede, 100% said they were “highly likely” to recommend Stampede as a partner. Stampede also consistently outperformed its peer set in all 3 of the top categories chosen by survey participants. The most important factors when choosing a sous vide provider are Quality, Safety, and Cost.

“Stampede has a great reputation, and they continue to grow. We’ve pushed Stampede to continue to innovate. And they’ve been a great partner,” said a Culinary Director as part of the study.

Stampede Culinary Partners offers a wide range of diverse sous vide products, and its customer-centric approach helps drive the partnerships the company values so deeply. Other areas where Stampede excels are its world-class infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, maniacal focus on food safety, and its experienced and proven team.

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Sous-vide Producer Expands Canadian Facility

Source: Pet Food Processing

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO — Stampede Culinary Partners, Inc., a North American provider of value-added, sous-vide solutions, announced April 9 it has expanded its North facility with the addition of sous-vide technology, allowing it to offer high-quality cooked protein products in Canada. The new sous-vide capabilities will be used for meat production, including beef, poultry and pork, and for prepared meals, alternative and vegan proteins, and premium pet food products. 

According to Stampede Culinary Partners, the addition of a sous-vide oven represents a “major” international milestone for the company, as it will allow the company to serve its Canadian customers more quickly and efficiently. 

Stampede Meat Rebrands as Stampede Culinary Partners, Inc.

Roger Waysok, Corporate Chef at Stampede

Source: Food Engineering

Stampede Meat, Inc. has rebranded as Stampede Culinary Partners, Inc. to reflect its mission to provide culinary solutions through partnerships. 

The name change aims to reflect the company’s mission and capabilities, leading to tailored customer experiences. The company’s new website supports the name change by emphasizing Stampede’s growth and highlighting Stampede’s culinary leadership, strategic approach to partnerships, sous vide expansion and other approaches to manufacturing and distributing products.

Though the early years of the company were centered on delivering high quality cuts of meat, Stampede, having just turned 29, has grown beyond its original vision. Today, Stampede manufactures ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook poultry, pork and beef products. Stampede’s processing capabilities go beyond slicing and dicing to sous vide cooking, natural smoking, 360-degree searing and include products such as prepared meals, gourmet sous vide pet food, alternative proteins and vegan options for restaurants, top retailers, club stores, food service distributors, airlines, convenience stores, military channels, home delivery customers and other emerging segments.

The Culture of Custom Innovation Behind Stampede’s Endless Capabilities 

Source: Food Chain Magazine

America’s number one pre-portioned protein supplier, Stampede is an innovative protein solutions company founded in 1995. Focused on custom protein development and processing, the business offers a truly unique experience for its customers, which span leading restaurants, retailers, club stores, food service distributors, home delivery, and military channels.

As its name suggests, Stampede creates seasoned, prepared, value-added meats, portion cuts, and fully cooked meats including beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. But its product portfolio does not stop at meat. The business has diversified to meet all foodservice and retail needs, offering a range of prepared meals, soups, vegetables, and even vegan protein alternatives.